How much does a maid cost in Dubai?

Choosing a maid cleaning service can often be a daunting task. Will the be professional? What time can they visit? Will they do a full clean? One of the common questions we are often asked is about the price? How much does a maid cost in Dubai and the UAE? What should you expect to pay? We break it down.

When evaluating the factors on deciding the price its important to answer some questions.

What size space do you want to have cleaned?

The most important factor is understanding how much cleaning needs to be done. Studio apartment of 5 bedroom villa? The more rooms = higher price and the longer it will take to clean. 

Whats are the cleaning requirements?

What are the cleaning requirements? Full window clean? deep clean? Empty villa or occupied with furniture.Is an appliance deep clean required? Is washing and ironing required. All of this will have a factor.

Cost of Maids in Dubai(per session)
Cleaning SizePricing Range USDPrice Range AED
Studio Apartment$20 - $27AED 70 - 100
1 bedroom Apartment$25 - $30AED90 - AED110
2 bedroom villa$33 - $39AED 120 - 140
4 bedroom villa$40 - $47AED150 - 170AED

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